The CMMG booth is a staple at the IV8888 Range Day event. In fact, if Mike didn’t show up with the Mk47 Mutant, people would most likely riot. Stationed at an end booth, one can see years of spent AK casings embedded in the grass. The Mk47 is legendary because it is ultimately like an AR and AK had a baby, resulting in a modular, accurate, and reliable 7.62x39 firearm. 

In fact, this gun is so reliable the original was a demo gun for many years and chewed through over 150,000 rounds before needing restoration. One year, Eric of IV8888 fame even did a melt-down test on the Mk47, and it survived 1,266 rounds in full auto before the gas tube failed, which is by design. So it’s pretty impressive. The particular one at the booth this year has seen about 15,000 rounds after being demoed at only three events thus far. How many rounds will this one last? Certainly many, many more.

CMMG’s Mk47 gains its reliability from the ground-up design made to specifically shoot the 7.62x39mm round. The shortcomings of other ARs firing this round is simply that the platform wasn’t meant for it. The magwell is not the right shape for AK magazines, and the bolt is weaker than what is required. Ultimately, to address these issues, CMMG took their .308 platform and shortened it, resulting in an overbuilt but reliable-as-hell AK-47 with all the AR perks. The lower receiver accepts all AK magazines and features the ergonomics of an AR. It’s the best of both worlds. 

CMMG Mk47 on a table
The gun earns a mitt for the volume of fire it endures. (Photo: Taylor Abney/
7.62x39 Casings
There is no doubt the CMMG Mk47 can run through ammo like a beast. (Photo: Taylor Abney/

To say people come to the CMMG booth to beat up the Mk47 is an understatement. In fact, CMMG expects it, and they provide a custom hand mitt to prevent shooters from burning their hands. They even fill an ice chest with water for rapid cool downs. Their demo guns are equipped with a “giggle switch,” meaning full-auto shooting is accessible with the flip of your thumb. All day, one can hear the beating this firearm endures, and a line piles up quickly to try it out. After all, who wouldn’t want to shoot 7.62x39mm in full auto? 

The Mk47 comes in several different variations: the Resolute, which is a carbine and rifle length, and the Banshee, which is a pistol/SBR length. Both lineups have different tiers that provide an array of variations, including trigger, furniture, and stock options. CMMG also offers a life-time warranty, which means you can test the reliability of the firearm without a worry.

P.S. Fun fact: CMMG makes special edition shirts and patches for the IV8888 event, this year was “Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

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