Weatherby Rifles For Sale

Shop for the best deals on Weatherby rifles. We offer both new and used bolt-action rifles from the popular Vanguard line and the feature-rich Mark V series. Favored among hunters, Weatherby rifles are available in numerous calibers and with options for better comfort and handling, as well as greater accuracy.

Weatherby has been known for making high-quality rifles for more than 70 years, and makes it easy to purchase rifles online. The Weatherby rifles for sale on our website are competitively priced and fall within a wide range of price points, with options for nearly every budget.


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    Per fan request, looks at a somewhat obscure Korean pistol that’s hard to come by in the United States — well, parts are at least. Have a look see at the Daewoo DP-51 K5 9mm pistol.

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  • The Sig MPX challenges MP5s subgun supremacy (VIDEO)

    Unlike most SMG designs, the MPX does not rely on the needlessly complex roller-delayed system or the recoil-heavy simplicity of direct blowback. SIG took what they knew about about combat rifles and applied it to their SMG design, much like the Germans with their G3 rifle.

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  • Rock River Arms LAR-458: Offers more ‘stopping power’ than your standard AR

    A common complaint about the AR-15 has been not enough power. From the very start, the 5.56 round has had its detractors. Rock River Arms has a solution.

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