Olympic Shooting Day 1: Women's 10m Air Rifle and Men's 10m Pistol

Women’s 10 meter air rifle

The first awarded medals of the 2012 London Olympic Games were for the women’s 10 meter air rifle event, the AP reports.

In this event shooters shoot a .17-caliber air rifle at 10 meters in the standing position. A total of 40 shots are taken within 75 minutes.

In her Olympic debut, China’s Silling Yi won gold with a total score of 502.9, and coincidentally she was also the first athlete to qualify for the London Olympics.
Chinese shooter and gold medalist Silling Yi during the match.
Shortly after winning Yi modestly said, “I feel like I had a lot of luck,” but luck probably had very little to do with it. Yi has competed in 15 other major shooting competitions over the past four years and has medaled nine times.

Poland’s Sylwia Bogacka won silver, making her the first Polish medalist in the sport since 2000. Bogacka will also competed in the women’s 50mm rifle, 3 position, on Aug. 4.

And lastly China’s Yu Dan, who ranked fourth in the qualifying match, won bronze in the final.
Silver medalist Sylwia Bogacka, gold medalist Silling Yi, and bronze medalist Yu Dan.
American shooters Jamie gray and Sarah Scherer placed in the top eight.

To watch the women’s 10 meter air rifle match, click here. And for more images, here.

Men’s 10 meter air pistol

Also today was men’s 10 meter air pistol. In this event athletes shoot a .17-caliber air pistol at 10 meters. They shoot a total of 60 shots in 105 minutes.

AP reports South Korean shooter Jin Jong-oh had a “nervy ending” to win gold as  four of his last five shots were outside of the bull’s eye.
South Korean shooter and gold medalist Jin Jong-oh shooting during a match.
“The Chinese guy won the gold last time. I promised myself that I would not let it happen this time,” Jin said to the AP. And added, “I was very nervous. I did my best to overcome my anxiety.”

The “Chinese guy” as Jin put it is defending champion Pang Wei, but he ended up placing fourth.

Jin finished the final match with a total score of 688.2. This was his fourth Olympic medal and second gold. He will be competing in the men’s 50 meter pistol match on Aug. 5.

Silver medalist Luca Tesconi, an Italian policeman, also had a shaky finish as he rose from fifth place. But he said he didn’t seem to notice because he was so caught up into what he was doing that he didn’t even realize he’d finished.

“I closed into a bubble of concentration and relived the experience of training at home,” he told the AP. This was Tesconi’s first Olympics.

Lastly, Serbian shooter Andrija Zlatic won bronze with a final score of 685.2 — just six-tenths of a point from Tesconi’s total. Zlatic will be competing in the men’s 50 meter pistol event on Aug. 5.

To watch the men’s 10 meter pistol match, click here. And for more images, here.

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