ATI expands on FX45 series with subcompact alloy-framed 1911s

ATI, American Tactical Imports, is adding two new FX45-series pistol to their line-up, the Titan Lightweight and the Fatboy Lightweight. These 1911-pattern handguns tailored for concealed carry. Built on alloy frames to shave weight, these 1911s feature classic form and function with a few modern improvements. 

Notably these guns have a extended ejection port locking lug as well as a lowered and flared ejection port. The Titan, the single-stack model, has a set of widely-spaced cocking serrations, while the double-stack Fatboy has narrow serrations at the front and back of the slide. Both models come with Novak-style low-profile 3-dot sights. They also have ambidextrous safeties. 

ATI Fatboy Lightweight

The Titan actually weighs a little more than the Fatboy as it has less metal in the frame. The Titan weighs 28 ounces while the Fatboy weighs 27. The Fatboy’s frame is enlarged to accept flush-fitting 12-round magazines (10-round mags are available) so loaded, the weight difference will vanish and then some.

The Titan uses standard 7-round magazines, where the Fatboy’s are proprietary and less common. While ATI is committed to supporting the Fatboys (there is an all-steel version that was introduced a few months back) the double-stack magazines are a little harder to find and somewhat expensive, usually around $40 to $50. 

While the Fatboy is a double-stack pistol, it’s doesn’t feel very different than a similarly-sized single-stack 1911, because the grips are recessed into the frame. The only part that bulges is at the top of the magazine well behind the trigger. Both guns measure 6.75 inches long, are 5 inches tall and have 3.13-inch barrels. 

ATI Titan Lightweight

We got a sneek peek at these guns about a year ago at the last SHOT Show and are glad to see them hitting the market. They’re very well-made handguns yet have pricetags that might mislead you. The single-stack Titan Lightweight has an MSRP of $598 and the double-stack Fatboy Lightweight $700.  

These handguns are made by Shooter Arms Manufacturing just for ATI and the American market. Their guns are made to uncommonly-tight tolerances and often benefit from a break-in period, but will never get loose, let alone sloppy. You can see the press release here.

Alloy-framed 1911s are uncommon and mostly high-end pistols with price tags over $1,000. These will come in closer to half that and still have a level of build quality that is a must-have for concealed carry. The question is, do you want 8 rounds of .45 ACP or 13?

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