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A friend of mine showed me a Technoframes firearm case a couple of weeks ago.  At first, I wasn’t really sure I liked the idea of a pistol case that had clear plexiglass lids.  I beat my cases into submission.  Toss them into pickup truck beds, or onto range benches.  I’d scratch up the plexiglass.  And why would I want to advertise exactly what was in the case? 
Blaze Case from Technoframes
I quickly realized I was missing the point.  I’m a blue collar shooter and not used to such finery.  Technoframes does not make range cases.  The Blaze pictured above isn’t meant to be slid around in a pickup bed.  While it is both protective and lockable, that’s not the point.  Technoframes makes display cases.  And really nice display cases.  To say that these are plastic is a bit reductive.  They are some of the most precisely machined cases I’ve ever seen.  The hinges and closures are exacting in their tolerances. 

Technoframes’ mission seems to be to make products that allow firearms enthusiasts to enjoy their guns, even when they’re not shooting them.  And they come by their technical heritage honestly.  The company is a offshoot of the Italian firm Vega, which specializes in automation, robotics, aerospace and defense contracting. 

What does Technoframes Make?

In addition to the functional display cases, Technoframes makes both decorative and practical ammunition cases.  These range from simple box styles to elaborate over-sized revolver cylinder models that hold 36 rounds of .357.  
The Revo Ammunition Holder
The Revo is like a candy dish for ammunition.  Or maybe the old fashioned cigarette case would be a more apt comparison.  It is meant to sit proudly on a desk, and actually provides quiet convenient access to the ammunition, simply by pressing the cylinder down.  But it isn’t cheap.  The Revo sells for $250, which means it will appeal to those with a certain amount of discretionary income.

Their ammunition cases range from ornate displays like the Revo, to finely crafted boxes made of aluminum or wood, to portable rigid cases designed to protect the soft points of rifle ammunition.

Snap Caps

Technoframes also makes replica ammunition.  This part is hard to explain, and is really more of a novelty.  But their snap caps are not.  These are some of the nicest snap caps I’ve ever seen.  They’re machined from aluminum, turned to the precise measurement of their live fire counterparts, and are reusable. 

The cap part is padded to reduce wear on firing pins in dry fire situations.  These are ideal for testing the functionality of actions, or magazines.  The bright red couple is useful for distinguishing them from other rounds.

Check Out Their Site

The products might be expensive, but that is relative.  The Blaze Case starts off at $250, and goes up from there.  The easiest way to find them is on their website, and you can order directly from them.

Technoframes offers some interesting products.  While some are whimsical, others (like the snap caps) are incredibly useful.  Everything of their that I’ve seen has been made well.  And there is a certain pleasure in that.  So you have the obvious tie in to your gun collection, and the quality of Technoframes, too. 

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