New, affordable SureFire Ryder 22 suppressors shipping (VIDEO)

surefire ryder 22

SureFire is now shipping its new Ryder 22 suppressors. These rimfire silencers are designed for the rapidly-expanding NFA-market, giving users a low-cost option for suppressed plinking.

With an MSRP of just $469, the Ryder 22 is sure to please a lot of people looking for an affordable silencer backed by one of the biggest names in the suppressor industry. The Ryder 22 is a compact, lightweight can that is rated to cut noise levels down to as little as 117 decibels with standard .22 Long Rifle ammunition. 

“The SF Ryder Series is another example of SureFire’s commitment to cutting edge design and exacting performance,” said Lea Ramthun, SureFire’s director of marketing. “Its versatility, compact size, and ease of use and cleaning make it the perfect accessory for any .22 sportsman.”

The Ryder 22 is constructed from stainless steel and aircraft aluminum with a MIL-spec finish to maximize durability. The Ryder uses a unique “Pig Nose” baffle stack that are designed not only to cut noise but also to be easy to clean.

The baffles are specifically designed to redirect gasses with precision, using the pattern of the gasses to attenuate noise, unlike simple K-baffles and other simpler designs. You can see that, in practice, it is extremely effective, especially for its small size and light weight.

All that in a package that measures in at 5.4-inches long, one inch in diameter and just 3.4 ounces dry. The silencer’s low mass and small profile make it easy to handle on any .22, whether it’s a rifle or pistol.

Like most .22 LR suppressors, the Ryder is a direct-mount design that screws onto barrels with 1/2 x 28-threaded barrels or barrel adapters. The Ryder uses stainless steel for the mount, not aluminum which is used for the rest of the can’s body.

The five individual baffles are anodized red to make it simple to tell when all the carbon fouling and lead residue is removed. The anodized finish also surface-hardens the baffles to prevent gas and particle wear.

Each suppressor comes with the tools needed for disassembly for cleaning and maintenance. It’s very straightforward and completely user-serviceable.

Suppressors are great tools for shooters. Not only do they make guns much safer when it comes to ear health, because you don’t need to be as aggressive with hearing protection it’s possible to pay more attention to the surroundings, improving the user’s awareness and they generally make shooting more pleasant.

On top of that they reduce muzzle climb, recoil and flash, which makes it friendlier for beginners and faster for experienced shooters.

Priced where it is, the Ryder offers fantastic performance, easily negating the cost of a tax stamp. If you’ve been back and for on whether or not to pick up a can for your plinkers, maybe the SureFire Ryder is what you’ve been waiting for.


  • Indexed baffles are numbered for foolproof reassembly
  • built-in spacers help reduce carbon buildup between baffles
  • Red hard anodizing on baffles for easy cleaning and helps prevent erosion
  • Black MIL-spec anodizing externally
  • Included tools for easy baffle-stack removal and cleaning
  • Stainless steel back plate
  • Single-point cut ½ X 28 threads provide secure attachment

For all the details and specifications, head over to the Ryder 22 product page.

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