Weaponize your reloads with the Art of the Mag Flip! (VIDEO)

If you thought you knew everything about tactical reloads, think again.

In this video Dynamic Pie Concepts (DPC) demonstrates a game-changing technique that has been battle-proven to asymmetrically challenge the core fundamentals of the combat reload.

“Utilizing centrifugal force allows for rapid jettisoning of an ammunition feeding device,” explains DPC. Whether for ammunition hand off or critical attack capabilities.

“Leveraging and synchronizing capabilities at a primary component level requires less time and less steps than introducing a secondary munitions delivery device. Shortening the kill chain and ultimately reducing friction within an operator’s decision cycle.

“When prioritizing kinetic options to render defensive enablers ineffective, integrating improved methodologies produces a mechanism to deny and bypass an adversary’s asymmetric battle space advantage.”

Improper use of this technique can result in operator harm. This is for professional fighters. Do not try this unless you are a professional. This video is for demonstration purposes only.

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