CZ Scorpion 922 SBR kit finalized, gets official price

cz scorpion 922r parts kit sbr

The Scorpion EVO 3 S1 has been a knockout success for CZ. It’s a pistol based on the company’s modern submachine gun design and it’s got everything going for it, from its workhorse pedigree to it’s outrageous cool factor.

It’s no wonder gun owners across the country are interested in converting them to short-barreled rifles or SBRs. The problem is that they are 100 percent Czech-made, and federal law prohibits the construction of certain types of rifles without key parts made in the USA.

cz scorpion 922r parts kit

An early look at the 922-compliance parts. (Photo: CZ USA)

CZ USA has been burning at both ends to assemble a parts kit with enough American-made parts for people who want to build SBRs with their Scorpion pistols. While we still don’t have an exact release date beyond “late summer” this year, we do know what the kit will run: $199. CZ USA has made good on their promise to keep the price of SBR kits low.

The kit includes a folding stock that matches the original design, fire control and magazine components as well as a replacement stubby little flash hider.

The Scorpion is already attractively-priced at $849 — even though it commonly retails for full price due to the incredible demand — which means that with a tax stamp the cost to build an SBR is $1248 and change. Maybe less if you get a good deal on the host Scorpion.

An SBRed Scorpion will run right around the same price as mid-range AR-15, and chambered for 9mm Luger it will be cheap and easy to feed. Keep an eye out in the CZ USA Store for availability.

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