MasterPiece Arms announcing 'Throwback' MPA M11-9SA

mpa mac-11 throwback 9mm pistol max slowik

MasterPiece Arms is best known for the updated MAC-style pistols — based on the Gordon Ingram design but with a series of tweaks and improvements — to bring them into the modern era of firearms. Due to constant customer requests, MasterPiece Arms is bringing back a “retro” MPA pistol.

The new MPA M11-9SA pistol tosses some of the cosmetic changes and features developed by MasterPiece Arms in favor of the original MAC lines and iconic looks while maintaining a couple of small enhancements. Chambered for 9mm Luger, the MPA M11-9SA has a 5.5-inch barrel with 3/4×10 threads and comes with a stubby thread protector attached.

Gone is the flattop rail for optics, this gun is meant to be shot using the standard iron sights. The MPA M11-9SA has a simple fixed rear sight cut into the receiver and an adjustable front sight to get on target. And with the rail gone MasterPiece was able to go back to an ambidextrous top charging handle.

They decided to stick with the new-style rotating safety lever instead of the original button and include an extended magazine release for quick reloads. It uses standard magazines and come with one 30-round polymer MPA mag. Additional MPA mags start at $29.

Probably the biggest throwback feature of the MPA M11-9SA is the sticker. MasterPiece Arms is taking pre-orders for these for only $393, making this one of the most affordable MPA pistols they make. Delivery is expected in one to two weeks.

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