Ruger's got a new LCR in .327 Fed. Mag

327 fed mag lcr

Ruger has announced a new LCR double-action revolver chambered for .327 Federal Magnum. This extremely capable round has a dedicated following, and a .327 Fed. Mag. LCR has been a long time in the coming. This new LCR is hot on the heels of the recently-launched Ruger .327 SP101.

An LCR chambered for .327 has been a highly-requested product over the years, following 9mm Luger and .22 Magnum. The new LCR is built on the heavier Magnum frame which will help control the high-energy cartridge, which offers a couple of advantages over other popular revolver rounds.

There’s no doubt that .327 Fed. Mag. is a true magnum cartridge, as tested by Ballistics by the Inch. It can keep up with .357 Magnum in a conveniently smaller package. The round has a smaller diameter and that translates to an extra chamber in the cylinder; the LCR in .327 holds six rounds as opposed to five chambered for .38 Special, .357 Mag. or 9mm.

Because .327 Fed. Mag. is loaded with light — 85- to 115-grain — bullets, it also has noticeably less felt recoil, which is particularly important with small handguns like the LCR.

The .327 The LCR uses a hybrid polymer and aluminum alloy frame that’s lightweight and flexes to help mitigate what’s left of the recoil. The whole package weighs 17 ounces unloaded, with a 1.875-inch barrel.

Otherwise it’s a fairly typical LCR with one of the best factory double-action only triggers on the market. It has an integral U-notch rear sight and pinned ramp front sight. The sight is replaceable with a ton of options from brass and gold beads to fiber optics and night sights.

It comes with a rubber Hogue Tamer grip with a standard grip peg for use with the full range of aftermarket LCR grips. The frame and barrel are encased with Ruger’s black polymer shell and the cylinder has a satin Ionbond Diamondblack finish to match.

The MSRP on the new .327 Fed. Mag. model is $619, the same as the .357 Mag. models. Real-world pricing for the .327 may be a little higher than the .357 given the amount of demand there will be for these highly-sought revolvers, although we still hope to see it in the lower- to mid-$500 range.

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