R. Lee Ermey talks universal background checks (VIDEO)

“I do not have a problem,” said R. Lee Ermey, famed character actor and NRA board member, about universal background checks. “Most of the people I know — gun owners, gun buyers, gun users, gun shooters … a lot of my friends seem to be channeled in the same direction. I do not want crazy people or people with psychological problems or people who are felons to end up with guns.”

Gunny Ermey, who hosts Outdoor Channel’s Gunny Time, spoke to Guns.com at SHOT Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 19.

“It seems to me like what we need to do is enforce the laws that are on the books and we would have no problems,” he said. “But the problem is that they’re not enforcing the laws on the books. So they just want to make more.”

Ermey said he thinks the politicians that make gun laws would have a better understanding of firearms.

“What we need are people in the political arena who actually know something about guns that make the rules,” he said.

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