HK wins Army sniper rifle contract

The HK G28 rifle. (Photo: HK)

The HK G28 rifle chambered in 7.62mm. (Photo: HK)

The U.S. Army contracted gun maker Heckler & Koch to supply a compact semi-auto sniper system, according to the award notice issued April 1.

The contract lists maximum price as $44.5 million and the Army has the option to order up to 3,643 rifles, the award says.

The notice does not go into greater detail about the system.

The Army released the request in June 2014 inviting gun companies to build a compact version of the M1110 semi-auto sniper rifle, the Army Times reports.

The goal being replacing the M110 with something that doesn’t look like a sniper rifle, the newspaper adds.

The Army selected the HK G28 rifle, a gas-operated 7.62mm rifle. It has a max length of 42.6 inches, 13.4 inches in height, a barrel length of 16.6 inches, and weighs 12.8 pounds.

During a 24 month period, the Army will conduct a production qualification test and operational text using 30 units, the award says.

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