M1 Scout .30 Carbine: classic looks, modern features


Inland Manufacturing’s M1 Scout .30 carbine. (Photo: MKS Supply, LLC)

Inland Manufacturing, represented by MKS Supply, announced a new .30-caliber Scout Carbine. This gun is a fresh interpretation of legendary gun enthusiast Col. Jeff Cooper’s classic scout rifle platform, combined with that of the classic .30 jungle carbine, which Inland also produces in replica form. The Ohio-based company is known for its battle-gun replicas.

Inland built the gun for function, but it’s not lacking in the looks department, at least for fans of classic military carbines.

The all-black rifle has an anodized alumimum upper handguard, topped with Picatinny rail. The rail accommodates a long eye relief scope or modern optics like a red dot. There are also classic battle rifle sights on top. Inland attached the rail/handguard to the barrel to enhance stability and accuracy.

At the muzzle is a military-style conical flash hider. It’s removable and the barrel is threaded to accommodate a suppressor.

Although the stock may look synthetic, it’s not. It’s American walnut, sprayed with an industrial textured polymer.

The flat matte finish is durable and makes the rifle suitable for tactical or hunting use.

The 5.5-pound carbine ships with a single 15-round magazine, except to California where it’s shipped with a ten-rounder. It accommodates standard military 10-, 20-, and 30-round magazines.

It’s a compact package with an overall length of 35.75 inches, including the 18-inch barrel/flash hider.

Inland motivates buyers to confirm the warranty of their new M1 Scout Carbine by sending a free military-style cotton sling if the warranty card is received within 60 days of purchase.

Nostalgia doesn’t come cheap at Inland Manufacturing. MSRP of this .30-cal is $1,239.

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