Daniel Defense introduces new integrally suppressed rifle

DDM4ISR by Daniel Defense

The DDM4ISR features a permanently attached suppressor on the .300 BLK frame. (Photo: Daniel Defense)

Daniel Defense takes the headache out of suppressor and rifle ownership by combining the two in the newly released, integrally suppressed DDM4ISR.

The rifle, chambered in .300 BLK, comes with a fully integrated suppressor and is designed for shooters who want constant silenced shooting. The can, treated with high-temperature Cerakote-C finish, consists of a user-serviceable baffle core. The advantage to this design is simple, easy and efficient maintenance and cleaning.

“This revolutionary rifle simplifies suppressor usage by eliminating variables and uncertainty,” Daniel Defense VP of Sales Bill Robinson said in a statement. “There’s no need to attach a suppressor and wonder if it’s mounted correctly and properly aligned. And no need to re-zero the weapon for suppressed versus unsuppressed fire.”

The suppressor comes attached to the 9-inch fluted barrel, which extends the barrel to 16 inches. Since the length narrowly skips past the National Firearms Act short barreled rifle designation, shooters will need only one tax stamp to stake claim.

Cans aside, the DDM4ISR maintains the same standards as Daniel Defense’s other products. Featuring a pistol length gas system, the rifle seeks to give some versatility to shooters.

A continuous 1913 Picatinny rail sits on top, ready for optic action, while keymod attachment points at the 3-, 6- and 9-o’clock positions. A MFR XL 15.0 modular hand guard round out the notable highlights on the .300 BLK.

The rifle weighs in at just over 7 pounds with a length wavering between 31 and 34 inches. Magpul PMAG 30 round magazine and a full-latch plastic case accompany the DDM4ISR

The DDM4ISR retails for $3,049 and is available for purchase in 39 states where suppressor ownership is legal.

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