Alien Gear offers modular holster mounting system

Alien Gear Cloak Mod Dock and Holster

(Photo: Alien Gear)

Alien Gear’s Cloak Dock Holster Mounting System hit Internet shelves earlier this month, giving Alien Gear fans another means to stow their carry gun.

The Cloak Dock utilizes brackets that mount to an array of surfaces to include walls, nightstands, dressers and even car interiors. The mounting process involves drilling either drywall anchors or wood screws into homes or offices. For car mounting, Alien Gear includes a set of plastic screws for mounting to a console or dashboard.

Once installed, the Dock makes use of another Alien Gear product– the Cloak Mod holster. This outside-the-waistband paddle holster slides over a bar on the Dock and clicks into place using a retention lip. This lip keeps the holster confined to the Dock while still allowing shooters the ability to draw the firearm unimpeded.

The retention lip can be pulled away from the holster in order to free the Cloak Mod from the mounting bracket.

Capitalizing on Alien Gear’s swappable, molded Kydex shells the Cloak Mod is highly configurable. Gun owners can buy one platform and multiple shells to expand carry options and now docking options with the Cloak Dock.

The Dock itself retails for a minimal $14.88. Paired with the Clock Mod holster, the price moves to a reasonable, mid-range $57.88.

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