Hickok on the Bond-less Walther P99AS (VIDEO)

Somehow Hickok45 managed to roll 20 minutes of beautiful parabellum footage on Walther’s P99AS pistol without dropping a Bond reference.

The P99 has been pretty standard in Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen’s stable since 1996 and are made under license by a number of other manufacturers. The Anti Stress (AS) trigger variant which Hick has adds a slightly different twist to DA/SA triggers.

As such it is slightly different from the variant used by Brit super-spy James Bond in Casino Royale before the follow-on Quantum of Solace marked the return of the Walther PPK.

Which maybe why Hickok didn’t drop the 007 reference…except in the repeated ode to Independence Day in a video posted in August.


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