Army developing Ballistic Combat Shirt (VIDEO)

Designed to move away from the legacy add-ons to the Interceptor Body Armor system, a new shirt some eight years in the making provides deltoid and thoracic protection, as well as improved neck protection while cutting down on weight.

Developed by the Infantry Combat Equipment Team at the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, Army engineer Robert DiLalla is the team leader for the Ballistic Combat Shirt.

“Our goal was to get it contoured, form-fitting, so that the Soldier can do his job without feeling like the equipment is hindering movement,” said DiLalla about the shirt earlier this year. “We successfully created a product that integrated five components into one, and we were able to reduce weight by 35 percent. It’s lighter, form-fitting and more comfortable. It allows Soldiers to feel like they are wearing regular shirts without sacrificing protection.”

The shirt is still designed to be worn with a plate carrier or Modular Scalable Vest but it adds protection without sacrificing comfort.

“So now instead of having to attach all of these components, you can throw it on like a goalie shirt in hockey,” said DiLalla.

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