Why we want to be DeGroat Tactical's new best friend (VIDEOS)


This Type 10 Destructive Device manufacturer specializes in 7.62mm Miniguns, flamethrowers and artillery, which means they probably don’t have time to bleed.

In the business for 15 years, one of DeGrote’s more special projects is the tactical pack shown in the video above. It takes the good old M134 GAU-2B/A six-barrel rotary buzzsaw and adds a power source and enough 7.62x51mm NATO in a backpack to give you one heck of a (short) blast.

Would you like to see more? Of course you would.

How about on a Little Bird?

Can we get in on this?!?

This guy…

Truck load of DeGroat Miniguns #degroat_tactical_armaments #minigun #miniguns

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