As time goes by the FB Radom Vis just gets more interesting (VIDEO)

Tim with the Military Arms Channel looks at one of the best military pistols of WWII, the 9mm Polish Vis 35.

Officially adopted by the Polish Army as the Pistolet wz. 35 just before the war, the gun is often just called the Radom after the hometown of the factory which made it (Fabryka Broni) or Wis/Vis after an acronym for the inventors’ last names.

The single stack 8-shot 9mm pistol was also very popular with the Germans, who took over the factory in 1939, and wound up building over 300,000 Vis for the Reich– with many of these being diverted to Polish resistance groups.

In the past few decades, these guns have skyrocketed in popularity and we’ve seen them highly coveted by collectors.

Tim seems to like it.

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