The newest snake on the block: The Colt Cobra (VIDEO)

Getting back into the revolver biz after a lengthy hiatus, Colt’s stainless steel-framed Cobra gets a work out from Hickok45.

The hardy snub was long a part of Colt’s line, being in production from 1950-81 in one form or another, but the new version is a complete redesign.

Weighing in at 25-ounces, the only polymer on the new gun seems to be in the red fiber optic front sight post. Matte finished with Hogue Overmolded grips, the six-shooter is chambered in .38SPL and rated for +P loads.

Hickok even breaks out the old-school wadcutters and does some paper punching as part of the warm up before moving to the heavy lifting.

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