Just hanging out with the Kalashnikov RPK-16 light machine gun (VIDEO)

So you take a select-fire RPK-74, update the ergos and give it a Picatinny rail and a very sweet 95-round drum mag and what do you get? The RPK-16 of course.

Designed to be the Russian military’s new light machine gun, the 5.45x39mm RPK (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova)-16 sprouted from the Rostec state-owned Kalashnikov Group last year and is expected to be placed in service with the Rosgvardiya (think National Guard), internal affairs troops and Army to replace older RPKs.

It draws from the AK-12 program and comes in a few different barrel lengths while including a folding stock that, when swung shut, drops the overall length to just 25-inches. Weight without the detachable bipod and mag is 8.8-pounds.

Now just drop the Hughes Amendment and make some over here to get around embargoes and import restrictions and it’s deal!

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