A look at the new bolt-action Ruger American Rifle Ranch in 7.62x39mm (VIDEOS)

Using standard Mini-30 magazines, Ruger’s lightweight bolt-action American Rifle will chew up all the good old Wolf ammo you can find.

In the above video Mark Gurney, director of product management for Ruger, details the new 7.62x39mm rifle: a lightweight (under 6 pounds) composite stocked gun that comes complete with a factory scope rail, and Marksman-series adjustable trigger. The 16-inch cold hammer forged barrel is free-floating and uses 5/8″-24 threads on the muzzle.

And yes, you can shoot steel cased ammo in this bad boy.

Best of all, it ships with a 5-round Mini-30 mag but accepts supersized versions from the same line.

More on the mags below– and listen up if you decide to run a 20-rounder for a trick.

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