The 411 on an improved Glock 'underwater suppressor' (VIDEO)

Courtland Hunt, the Florida spearfisherman who has been sniping invasive lionfish on their home turf, details his ‘Raygun’ underwater suppressor that looks like something out of Flash Gordon.

The all-baffle and no can suppressor that isn’t is built by Airborne Arms, a Type 07-Manufacturer, with the support of Lone Wolf. Hunt has been operating out of Anna Maria Island, Florida in an on-going sea hunt between man and lionfish with gently modified Gen 3 Glock 17s and lead-free ammo for some time.

The problem is, shooting while submerged, due to the concussion of the rapidly expanding gas displacing the surrounding water really hurts the shooter’s ears. The solution: underwater suppressors that dissipate the gas, toning down the impact to the user while still keeping the gun kaboom free and deadly to interloping fish. While the device does exactly zero for sound mitigation above water (cue James Barris from A Scanner Darkly), they do work somewhat while under the waves.

With that, Hunt says they are still searching for a quieter bug zapper to help keep the reef clean.

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