Slide Fire bump stocks back on the market after month-long hiatus

rifle on a leather sofa featuring a slide bump stock

Slide Fire’s bump stocks are back on the market after a month-long hiatus. The company has suspended new orders twice since the shooting in Las Vegas claimed 58 lives and wounded 500 others. (Photo: Slide Fire Solutions/Facebook)

Slide Fire began accepting new orders for its signature product, the bump stock, and other firearm accessories Monday.

The company announced its return to market after a month-long hiatus — the second it took since the shooting in Las Vegas Oct. 1 — in an email promotion last week advertising Cyber Monday sales.

As of Tuesday evening, the website still had “limited inventory” available for sale, promising to remove the option for purchase after each item sells out.

Bump stocks, a legal gun modification known to increase the rate of fire, gained notoriety last month after the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed 12 of the devices were found in the Las Vegas shooter’s two-room suite at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Some 58 people died and more than 500 were wounded when the 64-year-old gunman fired into a country music festival from that suite, 32 stories above the Vegas strip. The discovery of the bump stocks prompted public backlash and a wave of proposed bans on Capitol Hill.

Major retailers, including Walmart and Cabela’s, pulled the devices from store shelves in the days after the shooting. Slide Fire, likewise, suspended new orders on its website for most of the month before briefly resuming sales during the first week of November.

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