POF-USA opens brand new 27,000 square foot factory (VIDEO)

12/1/17 3:00 AM | by

On Veterans Day, Patriot Ordnance Factory invited friends and family to the grand opening of their new 27,000 square foot factory in Phoenix.

Located at at 1492 Victory Lane, company president Frank DeSomma chuckled at the significance of the address number. “Fourteen ninety-two. Isn’t that when Columbus sailed the ocean blue?” he asked.

DeSomma was in good spirits as he anticipated a few hundred people to show up for the grand opening of his new factory. The building sat majestically in the last rays of a warm Arizona autumn evening. DeSomma’s mother and father showed up early and he excused himself. “I got to say hi to mom and dad.” He gives them each a big hug. His mother is proud of her son. “You are amazing.”

The 27,000 foot factory is a long way from POF-USA’s humble beginnings in 2002. “We started out of a two car garage,’ recalls DeSomma. “I used part of my wife’s dining room for the computer system,” he said.

DeSomma worked as an aerospace engineer at the time. His gun company was a side gig. He credits his wife Tracy for encouraging him to pursue his dream. “She’s the one that told me to quit work in my aerospace job and go to work for my gun company,” he said. “Patriot Ordnance Factory wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for her. My wife believed in me more than me.”

Following his wife’s advice, DeSomma quit his job in 2004 to pursue POF-USA full time. With son Cody joining him, they set out to perfect the AR-15 rifle. Using innovative new designs, their rifles have been extremely popular. DeSomma credits this to his aerospace engineering background.

In 2017, the POF-USA Revolution rifle was voted Rifle of the Year by the Firearms Industry Choice Awards. “There’s not a smaller weapon platform than that one right now in 7.62 by 51mm,” said DeSomma of the rifle.

The new factory will allow POF-USA to manufacture with even greater precision and diversify its product line. “You’re going to see more diversification of products into other market types of products,”  DeSomma said. “Instead of just rifles, you may see pistols, you may see shotguns, whatever. But Patriot Ordnance Factory is not going away.”

The factory will also help create jobs and opportunity in America. “The country you know that gave us freedom, to try things and try to achieve certain things?” DeSomma said. “We chose to keep investing in her because we believe in America. We believe in her being great, and could be better than any nation. Why? It’s simple. Freedom.”

POF-USA is true American success story.

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