launches used gun buying service

Got an hunting shotgun sitting in the closet but no hunting trips planned? A target pistol you’ve grown bored of? Or a rifle you didn’t want but bought anyway? Why not sell it to us? We’re buying guns!

This week, Minnesota-based launched an innovative new program along with functionality — We Buy Guns — for users to sell firearms to a federal firearms licensee.

“We’ve created such an easy way for the consumer to get some cash for something that they’re not using. We’ve handled a lot of logistics and compliance issues in selling an FFL a gun online,” said Chris Carlberg,’s chief operating officer.

He explained that the typical process for selling a gun to an FFL online requires a lot of time and effort on behalf of the consumer, but’s process to initiate an appraisal takes about two minutes.

“We are groundbreaking in what we’re doing. There isn’t anyone else that is buying guns this way,” Carlberg said, adding the items will become inventory to be sold at a later date.

To submit a request, you access the questionnaire on, provide contact information and a description of the firearm along with a few photos of it. Carlberg said the whole process could be done with a smartphone.

Within 24 hours of sending the request, a appraiser will review the information and respond with an offer via email.  You then have 10 days to accept it. If accepted, will provide shipping materials and instructions. “There’s a lot less labor for the consumer to try and sell their gun,” said Paul Bahe, Chief Firearms Appraiser at

Establishing an offer takes careful consideration of multiple variables. Bahe explained he considers the item’s wholesale cost and market price, and then judges the condition, age and rarity of the item.

“The process is beyond easy. It took me like literally 30 seconds to box up my gun,” Carlberg said, explaining his experience testing the packaging process. He added includes the cost of insurance, shipping and handling in the offer.

“We’ve done our homework. We’ve made this a safe and easy way for the consumer to ship their gun,” Carlberg said.

For more information, check out the We Buy Guns page on

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