2A Armament rolls out AR 22LR Conversion Bolt Carrier

(Photo: 2A Armament)

2A Armament’s Conversion Bolt Carrier, bottom, .22LR magazine, top, turn a .223 AR-15 platform into a .22 LR rifle. (Photo: 2A Armament)

2A Armament announces its new .22LR Conversion Bolt Carrier transforming .223/5.56 AR-15s into .22LR platforms.

The ultra lightweight Conversion Bolt Carrier offers a drop-in style replacement allowing rifle shooters to switch it up and plink at the range or in field with .22LR using their existing rifle.

The bolt carrier offers precision machined parts and a patent-pending design that includes a titanium bolt and stainless steel barrel collar with 5.56 chamber plug.

(Photo: 2A Armament)

The Conversion Bolt Carrier is a drop-in style replacement. (Photo: 2A Armament)

Additional features include dual balanced reciprocating springs and a high strength polymer buffer for a lightweight yet reliable feel at just 8.2-ounces.

The drop bolt carrier requires a 2A Armament AR 22LR Magazine or compatible mag in order to function properly.

Ranier Arms is currently accepting pre-orders on the AR 22LR Conversion Bolt Carrier, including the 22LR mag for free with each purchase.

Ranier says the new conversion setup is expected to start shipping in February. The Conversion Bolt Carrier offers a price tag of $258.

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