Ms. Struck will show you how to ring steel like a champ (VIDEO)

Taran Tactical Innovations just released a high-energy highlight reel of staffer Jade Struck doing a series of runs with a lot of exotic hardware.

From the looks of things, Struck, an instructor, is no slouch when it comes to running the myriad steel at Taran Butler’s Simi Valley installation and she lays down lots of brass and hulls with everything from a series of tricked-out practical/tactical Glocks to a full-fun MP5 with lots of stuff in between.

Besides the weapon cameos, there are also a series of  John Wick/Punisher types that pop up in a few clips, so keep your eyes peeled.

Also, for those who argue the minimum age to buy a gun should be boosted to 21, here is where we point out that Struck is 19.

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