Tulster adds Sig Sauer P365 to Profile Holster options

(Photo: Tulster)

Tulster adds the P365 to its arsenal of holster models. (Photo: Tulster)

With Sig Sauer’s announcement of the Sig P365, holster maker Tulster has jumped into the fray offering a P365 model for its Profile Holster.

The appendix inside-the-waistband holster is crafted to provide an ultra-concealable, minimalistic concealed carry rig with adjustable retention. The matte-edge finish pairs with minimal materials to deliver a comfortable fit, according to Tulster. Each holster is formed to the Sig P365, serving up a snug fit.

(Photo: Tulster)

The Profile is an appendix inside-the-waistband holster. (Photo: Tulster)

The holster’s adjustability extends past retention and into positioning, as the AIWB can be canted from zero to 15-degrees to suit user needs. The Profile features an undercut trigger guard that encourages a higher grip on the gun. The Profile’s design allows users to release the magazine while the gun is still fully seated in the holster.  The rig also sports a full sweat shield that keeps sweat off the gun, preventing rust from forming on the firearm.

Available in a host of colors and patterns and in left handed and right handed configurations, the Profile AIWB from Tulster retails for $59.

(Photo: Tulster)

The holster adjusts for cant and retention. (Photo: Tulster)

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