FN P90 PDW running through 50 rounds of 5.7 in a hurry (VIDEO)

06/14/18 10:00 AM | by

FN P90 PDW running through 50 rounds of 5.7 in a hurry (VIDEO)

When you take a sedate FN PS90 and convert it back to how it was intended, complete with a 7.3-inch barrel and giggle switch, it becomes a lot more fun at the range.

In the above video from The Wound Channel, they detail a post-86 dealer sample P90 that started life as a semi-auto carbine but after fitting a CMMG barrel and birdcage, along with a selector switch, they get involved with hosing down some rowdy steel at about the 5:00~ mark.

In all, lots of fun and you see the quick appeal of the gun when restored to its original format.

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