Winchester introduces new Enhanced Ballistics Calculator

The revamped Winchester Ammunition website also features a robust Ballistics Calculator. (Photo: Winchester Ammunition)

Winchester Ammunition launched a new Enhanced Ballistics Calculator alongside its newly redesigned website, offering greater functionality to Winchester fans.

Featuring detailed charts and visual graphs, the Ballistics Calculator allows shooters to fine-tune performance.The calculator delivers precise trajectory for a bevy of rifle, rimfire, shotgun and handgun cartridges, bullet weights and ballistic coefficients as well as printable charts for quick reference.

In addition to the new Ballistics Calculator, Winchester also revamped its site. The new website houses the Ballistics Calculator as well as Pattern Board app. The mobile device friendly site features personalized content, technical product information and dealer locator tool.

“We have made it a major priority to be a leader in the digital space, which is a major investment worth making,” Matt Campbell, vice president of sales and marketing, said in a press release. “One of our core values at Winchester is a belief that success comes from continuous improvement and innovation. Whether it’s finding creative new ways to serve our customers, designing cutting-edge new ammunition products or in this case, providing the very best digital resources possible; innovation is a driving force behind all we do.”

The Winchester Ballistics Calculator is available as a free download on both Apple’s iPhone and iPads as well as Android tables and phones.

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