Starline Brass releases 5.56x45mm rifle brass

Starline Brass adds 5.56x45mm brass to its rifle series. (Photo: Starline Brass)

Starline Brass bolsters its line of rifle caliber brass, launching the 5.56x45mm. The NATO cartridge is the military’s version of the .223 Remington round — one of the most popular centerfire cartridges. Starline Brass says its 5.56x45mm rifle brass is nearly identical to the company’s .223 Remington Brass; however the 5.56 brass features a slight change in metallurgy. This change results in a harder surface at the base of the case.

The company said when loaded to .223 Remington pressures, Starline’s brass can be used in any firearm chambered for .223 or 5.56x45mm. When loaded to 5.56 pressures, Starline said firearms labeled for 5.56mm are the only ones to be used with the rounds.

“It can be unsafe to fire 5.56mm ammunition in firearms with a .223 Remington chamber,” Starline Brass said in a statement, though it insists that the newest brass adheres to its strict standards. “Starline’s new 5.56x45mm rifle brass is produced with the same demanding quality control standards that Starline has become known for, and is available for half the price of comparable quality cases.”

The 5.56x45mm rifle brass comes in three quantities — a box of 250 for $65, a box of 500 for $118 and a case of 1,000 for $215.

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