Wonky SKS that isn't: The Egyptian Rasheed carbine (VIDEOS)

A byproduct of the development of the Swedish Ljungman battle rifle, the Rasheed, in the end, is just really different.

Using a 10-round magazine, wooden stock, 20.5-inch barrel, underfolding bayonet, and 7.62x39mm caliber, the Rasheed (also seen as Rashid) has a lot of similarities to the SKS, but it comes from a totally different family tree. A derivative of the Egyptian-made 8mm Hakim rifle– which itself is a take on the Swedish AG-42B Ljungman– this direct-impingement rifle was something of a stunted branch, developmentally speaking, and very few were made.

Eric and Chad with IV8888 cover the 1960-vintage ‘Sheed in a video above, while American Rifleman offers a second look on the lineage, below.

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