NRA Law Enforcement Division returns to Texas for police competition

The Tactical Police Competition allows police officers to practice real life situations in life fire venues. (Photo: NRA LE Division)

The NRA Law Enforcement Division is set to make its return to Texas to host the Texas Multi-State Regional Tactical Police Competition Nov. 30.

Developed to offer police agencies and officers a budget friendly means to expand training, the Tactical Police Competition provides a daylong opportunity for police to practice live-fire exercises under stress to hone skills. The competition-based program presents six scenario-based training courses with each course addressing specific law enforcement areas.

The competition is comprised of multiple stages under stress. (Photo: NRA LE Division)

“Skill Based Courses challenge the officer’s skills in handling, accuracy and overall proficiency under set conditions,” the NRA said in a news release. “Scenario Based Courses place the officer in hypothetical law enforcement encounters such as robberies, active shooter calls, home invasions and incidents where significant numbers of innocent bystanders are present. The officer must then decide how to navigate the course and solve the challenges presented according to their own tactics and skill levels while meeting professional and legal protocol.”

The NRA Law Enforcement Division oversees the TPC program as well as others designed for law enforcement professionals. The NRA partners with sponsors to orchestrate the event to include DeSantis, Gargoyle Eyewear, Glock USA, Kahr Firearms Group, Mossberg, Nine Line Apparel, Odor Crusher, Present Arms, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Rocky Brands, Ruger and Tru-Spec.

The Texas Multi-State Regional Tactical Police Competition will be held Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 at the Extreme Tactics & Training Solutions facilities in Waxahachie, Texas.

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