Tormentata! Beretta APX gets torture tested 7 ways (VIDEOS)

Italian firearms magazine Armi e Tiro gave the Beretta APX a grueling series of NATO standards compliant tests recently that included trying to freeze it, drown it, clog it with mud and sand, run a case of rounds through it– including some high-pressure stuff– and just about everything else they could think of.

Above is the highlight reel (“L’abbiamo surgelata, sommersa, insabbiata, infangata, tormentata in tutti i modi!”) while below are each of the tests. Yes, it is in Italian, but no translation is really required when it comes to trying to choke out a 9mm with everything except spaghetti.

Test 1: Down to -54 degrees

Test 2: 1,000 rounds

Test 3: Sand

Test 4: Water

Test 5: Mud

Test 6: High-pressure rounds

Test 7 Breech and barrel blocks (Don’t try this one at home!)

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