Zev Technologies unveils new pistol, O.Z-9

Zev develops and releases its very own pistol, the O.Z-9. (Photo: Zev Technologies)

After over a decade in the parts and accessories business, Zev Technologies brings a brand new pistol to its lineup.

Dubbed the O.Z-9, the pistol blends the control and balance of a 1911 with striker-fire reliability in a package that is modular, according to Zev. The pistol comes chambered in 9mm and features the company’s patent pending steel receiver. Boasting extended rails, the steel receiver offers a solid steel frame that encompasses the entire length of the handgun. Zev says this design allows the locking block to be fully integrated.

The O.Z-9 brings a single take-down pin to the build, located at the front of the trigger guard which locks the removable grip to the steel receiver. This allows for interchangeable grips and future grip upgrades without the need to completely dismantle the O.Z-9.

The O.Z-9 is a striker fired design with a modular build. (Photo: Zev Technologies)

Zev says all other parts are fully compatible with Glock and Zev components.

“Zev is committed to leadership in innovation and performance, so we invest heavily in design and engineering. With O.Z-9 we’re confident that we are resetting the bar for high performance pistols,” Matt Ridenour, CEO of Zev Technologies, said in a press release.

CTO and Founder, Alec Wolf added, “Today I am so excited to show the world the O.Z-9. After dreaming about this for 12 years it’s great to finally see this project come to fruition.”

The O.Z-9 will join the 9mm handgun market with a price point of $1,679.

The O.Z-9 is chambered in 9mm. (Photo: Zev Technologies)

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