Rebooted snake gun gets a work out: The new Colt King Cobra at SHOT (VIDEO)

Colt’s latest property on the way to making a comeback to revolver row, the .357 Magnum-caliber King Cobra, worked like a charm this week at SHOT Show.

Using a full-lug 3-inch barrel that Colt officials say was pitched to accommodating the carry market for the medium-framed revolver’s resurgence, the new addition to the growing Cobra line chewed through nearly 2,000 rounds at Industry Day on the Range on Monday, a feat that Justin Baldini, a Senior Vice President at Colt, told was not surprising.

“It just was phenomenal performing all day, without one hiccup,” said Baldini.

The “King” was popular on range day, with Colt’s booth crowded with those looking to give it a workout (Photos: Chris Eger/

Five-time National Champion Maggie Reese seemed to like the King Cobra

Featuring Hogue overmolded grips and a user-replaceable brass bead front sight, the newest wheel gun uses the same Linear Leaf spring trigger as in the rest of Colt’s Cobra line. Speaking of which, the retail on the King Cobra is $899, which is the same as Colt’s black DLC-coated Night Cobra .38SPL snub and $200 more than the standard Cobra 2-inch.

The King Cobra is now shipping.

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