Radetec shows off smart slides and guns at SHOT 2019 (VIDEO)

Spanish tech company Radetec displayed their new smart guns on the floor of SHOT Show 2019 this year. Richard Hemmerde, a Radetec rep, showed us the new smart slide first. The slide is a Radetec product fitted to a Glock 17 frame. On the back of the slide is a small cutout where there electronics go. Insert the paired smart magazine and now the gun will tell you how many rounds you have left. When you get down to three rounds the LED screen will start flashing to let you know you’re close to being out.

Moving on from the slide Hemmerde showed us the shot counter next. This device attaches to your gun and records every shot you take and the time stamp of the shot among other data. All of this is easily digestible from an app on your smart phone.

Finally we were shown the Smart Gun. “We call it the Smart Gun because it recognizes the person who can shoot the gun and will only recognize that person,” Hemmerde told us. The gun has two lights, a green light which tells you the gun is safe and can’t be fired, and a red light which will only light up when the authorized person grabs the pistol. When the red light is active the gun can only then be fired. If the light system seems counter intuitive remember the company is based out of Spain.

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