RASC: The Revolver Ammunition Strip Concealment by NeoMag (VIDEO)

Spare ammo is almost a necessity when carrying a revolver. Neomag has come up with a product to make carrying your spare ammo easily accessible and concealed. It is called the “Revolver Ammunition Strip Concealment” or RASC.

The RASC uses aluminum housing to hold any length speed strip you desire. It also has an ambidextrous titanium pocket clip to secure it at the top of your pocket. This prevents you from having to “fish” around the bottom of your pocket for your reload. Currently .38 special and .357 mag speed strips work with the RASC.

I personally am not a big revolver guy but I can definitely appreciate the ability to carry more ammo. The RASC makes life a little bit easier for those of you that still carry a revolver on the regular. With a retail price of $29.99 and lifetime warranty you do not have much to lose by giving it a try.

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