Taurus Debuts New Full-Size G3 Polymer 9mm Pistol

08/30/19 6:24 AM | by

Taurus Debuts New Full-Size G3 Polymer 9mm Pistol


Taurus is building on their successful G2c series platform by adding what they bill as a new full-sized polymer-frame striker-fired pistol: the G3.

Offered in six models differing in finishes (matte black carbon steel or stainless steel) and double-stack magazine capacity (10, 15, and 17 rounds), all G3 variants come in 9x19mm with a 4-inch barrel.

Weight is 24.83 ounces while overall length is 7.28-inches, which puts the new Taurus model in the same size envelope as the Glock G19 and S&W M2.0 Compact. The sights on the Taurus include a fixed front and drift-adjustable rear while a Picatinny accessory rail is standard.

Taurus G3 9mm

The striker-fired action has a restrike capability while the pistol incorporates a 6-pound trigger with a short reset. Note the extensive stippling areas as well as front and rear slide serrations. (Photo: Taurus)

Taurus G3 pistol 9mm

Height is 5.2-inches on the doublestack 9mm G3 with an overall length of 7.28-inches due to its 4-inch barrel. This puts it in the same neighborhood as the Glock 19 when it comes to specs. (Photo: Taurus)

MSRP across the Taurus G3 series is supposed to be in the $350 range, likely in the $299-ish area at retailers. This puts the Brazilian polymer parabellum a good bit cheaper than comparable Smiths or Glocks which notably have more modular grips through the use of interchangeable palm swells, a feature not shared by the Taurus.

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