A Look at Glock's New $359 22LR Pistol: the G44

Guns.com dropped in with Glock to check out the new G44 .22LR pistol and got the low-down on the platform from pro shooter Ashley Rheuark.

Rheuark, a world-ranked competitor who joined Team Glock in 2017, talked to us about the company’s first rimfire handgun, which uses a hybrid polymer/steel slide on a frame that mimics the popular Glock G19. A doppelganger for the 9mm G19, the G44 makes a great trainer in addition to being a solid plinker.

With a 4.02-inch barrel, the overall length of the G44 is 7.28-inches– almost the exact size as the G19. The G44 has a 10-round magazine (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)

Using a 4.02-inch barrel which produces an overall length of 7.28-inches– the G44 takes up the same metric as Glock’s most common 9mm mid-size. Likewise, both pistols have the same 5.04-inch height, a factor which means most G19 holsters will work for the G44, should you want to carry the .22LR.

MSRP on the G44 is $430, but we currently stock them at $359.


For a deeper dive on the G44, which we put 2,200 rounds through in testing, check out our review, here.

For more information direct from the floor at SHOT Show 2020, watch this space. 

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