Modern & Affordable Pistol: The Beretta APX Series

A table top of several Beretta APX pistols in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors

The Beretta APX series include the gray-framed APX Target, (center), as well as APX Centurion-length RDO and Combat models (top right), Compact/Centurion FDE models (bottom) and the APX Carry slimline (top left.) They come in a variety of colors and most are offered in both 9mm and .40 S&W (All Photos: Chris Eger/

One of the fastest-growing and most popular striker-fired handguns on the market is Beretta’s APX series pistols.

Beretta introduced the full-sized APX in 2017, equipped with a polymer frame and a host of competitive features putting it on par with other duty guns. The APX line, as a rule, features a passive trigger safety, Picatinny rail, three-dot sights, reversible mag release, and interchangeable backstraps, but what stands out most is the slide serrations spaced finger-width apart that run the entirety of the slide and the fully flat trigger. Most models are available in either 9mm or .40 S&W chamberings.

Utilizing a removable serialized chassis frame the APX can be easily modified with replaceable grip frame housings and is simple to disassemble and maintain. Each APX comes with three interchangeable backstraps so users can best fit their hands and preferences.




Since introduction, the company has expanded the line with their Carry, Target, RDO, Combat and Compact/Centurion models. The platform has gone on to score major police contracts.

APX Full-Size

The basic APX series full-size model, which uses a 17-round magazine and has full-length slide serrations.

As introduced, the full-sized APX has a 4.25-inch barrel as well as aggressive full-length slide serrations making slide manipulations easy under any conditions. To accommodate right or left-handed use, the APX magazine release button can be easily reversed and the slide stop is ambidextrous. The APX trigger breaks at 6- pounds and has a clear tactile and audible very short reset. It uses a 17-round magazine and is 5.6-inches high.




The APX Centurion (5.19-inches high) and APX Compact (4.5-inches high) are more carry-friendly models in an FDE finish with 15- and 13-round mags, respectively.

APX Carry

A Beretta APX carry

As far as 9x19mm handguns go, the Beretta APX Carry is one of the most compact on the market.

The smallest of the family is the single-stack APX Carry, which debuted in April 2019. It ships with two magazines– one extended 8-round and one 6-round with a pinky extension — plus one flush baseplate. Due to its size, it lacks an accessory rail, but its overall length is just 5.63-inches. Weight is 20-ounces, unloaded.

APX RDO/Combat

Beretta APX Combat on table

The Beretta APX Combat, with the ability to mount a red dot and a factory threaded barrel.

The Centurion-length APX RDO sports a 3.7-inch barrel and the same optic-capability as the APX Target. When the red dot is not mounted, the sleek APX profile can be maintained with an included blank plate to provide a smooth surface on the slide top. MSRP is $725 (although available for almost half that amount from select retailers) and it ships with two 15-round magazines. The very similar APX Combat features both the RDO cut as well as a threaded barrel, making it suppressor ready right out of the box.

The APX Centurion Combat is essentially the Centurion APX RDO with a factory standard 1/2×28 TPI threaded barrel.

Beretta APX series at shooting range

With a ton of options, the APX series is hard to beat– and readily available.


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