Black Rifle Coffee & Friends Sing Hilarious Ode to Quarantine

Mat Best and Tim Montana reached out to their friends for clips to create a country song send-up of conditions under the great COVID-19 Quarantine.

With a catchy chorus that runs, “Quarantine, quarantine, drinking whiskey like vaccine, waving at the neighbors, social distancing. Quarantine, quarantine, wearing Lysol like sunscreen, quarantine, quarantine, oh lonesome quarantine,” the video includes cameos from lots of recognizable faces such as Randy Couture, Sgt. Omar “Crispy” Avila and Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell.

Also, can we get an amen to the line about anti-hunting buds calling to bum deer meat and an “extra” AR-15?

All jokes aside, the video gives a shout out to the health care workers on the front line of the coronavirus outbreak, a group that Black Rifle Coffee is donating to during these pressing times.

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