CZ Announces New Redhead Premier Over/Under in 16 Gauge

lightbox image of CZ Redhead primer in 16 gauge

Once upon a time the 16-gauge shotgun was the top choice for upland hunters and recreational shooters and is making something of a comeback. (Photo: CZ-USA)

Blending today’s double gun technology with the venerable 16-gauge bore, CZ-USA is bringing a new Redhead Premier model to market.

Long CZ’s flagship series of over/under shotguns, the Redhead Premier has only been offered in 12- or 20-gauge so the 16-gauge offering is new, with the company acknowledging, “the last decade has seen a resurgence in this do-it-all shotgun chambering.”

As with the rest of the series, the 16-gauge Redhead Premier features a one-piece CNC receiver and Turkish walnut furniture. It is intended as an all-purpose O/U shotgun with uses ranging from shooting trap and clays to clocking in on long dove hunts.

Other standard features include auto ejectors, a single selectable trigger, and 28-inch barrels with an 8mm flat vent rib and fixed IC/MOD chokes. It has a Bradley-style white front bead and a 2.75-inch chamber. Weight is listed as 8-pounds.

The MSRP on the CZ Redhead Premier Over/Under in 16 Gauge is $988, a price that will probably be closer to $888-ish at retailers.


16 Gauge?

Here at, we have long been preaching the versatility of the 16-gauge shotgun and it seems both gun and ammo makers are responding to increased demand for the vintage hull. For instance, last year Stevens announced a line of new Model 555 over/unders catering to 16-gauge fans.

Today, dozens of 16-gauge field loads are in production by Browning, Estate, Federal, Fiocchi, Hevi, Kent, Remington, Winchester, and others including those loaded with alternative steel and bismuth shot rather than traditional lead.

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