How About a Bullpup Belt-Fed Lever-Action .44 Mag Rifle?

How About a Bullpup Belt-Fed Lever-Action .44 Mag Rifle

Under there is a Ruger 96-44 lever-action carbine and, yes, it actually works. (Photo: Screenshot/ADF Customs)

In a true salute to the human spirit in the face of onerous anti-gun laws, a British man has crafted an unusual bullpup rifle to get the most out of what the Queen allows.

Tony at ADF Projects and Designs says he has spent about $650 and six months of his time in designing and building his unique custom .44 Mag rifle. Starting with a Ruger 96-44 lever-action carbine and drawing inspiration from the innovative but vaporware HK G11 space gun, he birthed his creation upon the world. Why would he burn all that treasure and lean muscle tissue into the night?

“Here in the UK, we can’t have semi-auto firearms BUT – we can load our guns with as much ammo as we can (no magazine restrictions!),” he said. “Therefore I believe this set-up offers the most fire power you can legally own here in the UK.”

Tony goes on to explain the project is primarily used for plinking or Practical style shooting where “having a belt-fed gun gives me quite the advantage.”

Watch his video now before it gets memory-holed!

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