DOD Picks Hornady .300 Blackout for CQB Use

Hornady Tap

Hornady is now supplying an unspecified military unit with a subsonic 190-grain .300 AAC Blackout load for CQB use. (Photos: Hornady/Department of Defense)

Nebraska-based ammo maker Hornady  announced this week that they will supply an undisclosed amount of 300 Blackout to a “specialized unit” inside the Department of Defense.

The load selected, Hornady’s 190-grain Subsonic Expanding Tactical Application Police, was reportedly chosen for use in close-quarter battle or CQB situations. The Sub-X TAP round uses Hornady’s Flex Tip tech, which is designed to both meet FBI protocol and expand at subsonic velocities.

“This cartridge is loaded with a powder that is optimized to provide flash suppression, clean-burning yet function in short-barrel to carbine length-rifles,” notes Hornady.

Video of how the Sub-X TAP handles in gel tests are captivating.

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