Florida-based Century Arms this week, in conjunction with Turkish gunmaker MKE, announced the company's new Apparatus Pistol series is headed to market. 

MKE – who has a legacy of making licensed HK MP5 clones for other companies, namely Zenith – is the manufacturer of the AP5 line imported to the country by Century. At least three versions of the gun will be joining Century's catalog: a full-sized model, an AP5-P midsize version, and a more concealable AP5-M variant which approximates an MP5K. 

"This firearms platform is iconic," said Adam Ruonala, marketing director for Century Arms. “We at Century Arms have been a leader in the U.S. firearms importation business for many years, to now have the opportunity to bring such a fan favorite to the U.S. market under our company flag is truly a huge honor for everyone involved in the project."

The standard AP5 weighs 5.5 pounds and, with a barrel length of 8.9 inches, runs 17.9 inches overall. (All photos: Century Arms)
As expected for an MP5 clone, it sports a rear drum sight and a fixed front sight, as well as a short Pic rail for optics. 

All AP5s are chambered in 9mm and have a cold hammer-forged barrel with a 1:9.8 twist. Both the standard AP5 and AP5-P have a 3-lug quick attachment and 1/2x28TPI thread pitch for fans of quiet time.

Century has long-teased an MP5 clone, as have others such as Palmetto State Armory. However, a big shift in the dynamic occurred late last year when Zenith and MKE ended their decade-long relationship.

Each AP5 ships with a plastic carry case, two 30-round magazines, a cleaning kit, Picatinny-style optics mount, sling, and a gun lock. The bad news is that the gun has a 500 round break-in period, has a sear block in the receiver, and a current price of about $4,000, which is about $2K less than the current pricing of an Oberndorf original such as the HK SP5. Time, and availability, will tell.



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