Beretta this week announced a new installment to its APX series of modular striker-fired pistols, the svelte new optics-ready APX A1 9mm. 

The red-dot ready slide can use Burris, C-more, Shield RMS-C, and Holosun K Series MRDs which Beretta says the owner can chose one free of charge through the warranty registration process online. Also new on the APX A1 is a trigger that is described as shorter and lighter trigger than its predecessors whose "enhanced ergonomic and sensory experience consists of a clean break with quick reset, aiding with consistent shot placement and ease of use." Now that's how you write copy!


Beretta APX A1 Carry
The overall length on the APX A1 Carry is 5.63-inches and the single stack magazines offer a 6+1 or 8+1 capacity in flush-fit and extended formats. (Photo: Beretta) 


"We are embracing the Red Dot Optic revolution and excited to be bringing an exciting and innovative offering to the concealed carry market that further eases training and use under stress for defensive purposes,” Jeff Hobson, VP of Marketing and Sales, said.


Beretta APX A1 Carry
The APX A1 Carry is built on a modular chassis that allows users to easily switch grip frame housing from the standard black to one of three available grip frame colors: Flat Dark Earth (FDE), OD Green, and Wolf Grey.




Beretta fired nearly 1 million rounds during extensive laboratory and field testing of the APX series to ensure the guns had the highest degree of reliability and durability. While introduced in 2017 as a duty-sized gun, the line has grown to include compact and sub-compact models over the years. The series has gone on to win major international police and military contracts.

The company's design philosophy of the APX A1 Carry was to develop a pistol that was easily concealed with its single-stack, sub-compact, and thin grip design that makes it essentially invisible, no matter the clothes you wear or whether you carry inside or outside the waistband.

On the downside, the APX A1 loses the capacity race against the new crop of "micro 9s" such as the Sig Sauer P365 and Springfield Armory Hellcat. However, for those who are looking for a slimmer carry that accepts optics and swaps grip frames easily, the MSRP of $449 could make the new Beretta APX A1 Carry an attractive option.