A new addition to Ruger's upcoming 2023 catalog is a shorter variant of its crowd-pleasing and wallet-friendly Wrangler .22LR revolver series. 

Introduced in 2019, the Wrangler series of single-action rimfire revolvers come in at half the price of the company's comparable offerings-- for instance, the Single Six-- while still having tons of features. A hit that helped keep the publicly traded firearms giant paying dividends to stockholders ever since, Ruger has now trimmed down the revolver into a Sheriff Model just in time for the upcoming SHOT Show in Las Vegas. 

Review: Breaking the Mold with Ruger Wrangler Rimfire Revolver

Whereas the standard Wranglers have 4.62-inch cold hammer-forged barrels, the Sheriffs will carry the shorter 3.75-inch format introduced last year with the Birdshead-pattern grip frame variant but keep the more full-sized grip of the original. 

Offered in a black, silver, and burnt bronze Cerakote finish, the Sheriffs still have the same standard Wrangler features such as a six-shot aluminum cylinder, fixed blade and notch sights, and an interlocked transfer bar mechanism and loading gate.


The new Ruger Wrangler Sheriff
Overall length is 9.3 inches on the Ruger Wrangler Sheriff model, black Cerakote variant shown here, compared to 8.62 inches on Birdshead Wranglers and 10.25 inches on full-sized models. (Photo: Ruger)
The new Ruger Wrangler Sheriff
The burnt bronze Cerakote finished Wrangler Sheriff. (Photo: Ruger)
The new Ruger Wrangler Sheriff
And the Silver Cerakote. The weight of these new models is 26 ounces, about a quarter pound less than the standard Wrangler. (Photo: Ruger)


Cost across the board for the new Ruger Wrangler Sheriff is $269, suggested retail. 

revolver barrel loading graphic