Year after year, old-school lever actions defy modern conventions to remain one of the top-selling firearms categories. SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas proved to be no exception. In fact, several surprising new players jumped onto the lever-gun bandwagon, while standby favorites showed off fresh new offerings. Check ’em out. 

POF-USA Tombstone


POF Tombstone Rifle
The Tombstone was a big hit at the show. (Photo: Don Summers/

Patriot Ordnance Factory – better known as POF-USA – has been a steady producer of AR-style rifles and pistols. Though often overlooked in a back row of SHOT Show booths, the company drew a steady crowd eager to handle its first lever gun. The Tombstone is a lever-driven 9mm rifle with fully tactical looks and features. There’s a 16.5-inch free-floating barrel, a removable dual-port muzzle brake, a 10.5-inch Modular Receiver Rail with M-LOK slots, and XS ghost-ring sights. The rig feeds from curved, high-capacity magazines in either 10 or 20 rounds – the same used by the company’s Phoenix pistols. The trigger is advertised to break at just 3.5 pounds. 

The blacked-out gun looks like an AR made friends with a futuristic lever action. The rig is lightweight at only 5.75 pounds and compact at 36 inches overall. MSRP will start at $1,962 for the 9mm rifles. When asked about future chamberings, company reps were quick to indicate that more calibers will be coming. 


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TriStar LR94


Tristar LR94 Lever-Action
TriStar's new lever action in .410 bore. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

The new year sees yet another addition to the lever-action shotgun market. TriStar enters an entirely new category with its LR94 launch. The LR94 is a lever-driven .410-bore shotgun built in Turkey. Three variants are launching simultaneously: matte blued, case colored, and nickel silver. The models we handled were fitted with either a 22- or 24-inch barrel and showed interchangeable choke tubes. 

Though slightly unusual, the shotguns are dressed with large rifle-style sights with a blade front and adjustable rear. The Turkish walnut stocks are checkered and fitted with sling studs. The LR94 feeds via a receiver loading gate into the five-round magazine tube. Like other levers on the market, the TriStar chambers 2.5-inch shells. The oversized dial safety is an oddity, but the leather-wrapped loop adds to cowboy flair. Depending on the finish selected, retail pricing ranges from $990 to $1,100. 

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Marlin Model 336


Marlin 336 Rifle
The new Marlin 336 is a beauty. (Photo: Chris Eger/

Ever since the young Ruger-led Marlin launched its high demand Model 1895 rifles in .45-70 Government, fans have been clamoring for more. The brand didn’t disappoint for 2023, showing off one and announcing a second. Fans of the classic lever action were thrilled to learn of the company’s revamped Model 336’s return to the burgeoning lineup. 

The new Model 336, expected to begin shipping in early 2023, will be chambered in both .30-30 Winchester and .35 Remington. While only the .30-30 Win was on display, its larger-bored companion is already listed on the website as "coming soon." The Model 336 has long been an icon of Midwestern deer hunting, and there’s little doubt these new rifles will have a waiting list, especially with the blued steel and checkered walnut stocks shown at SHOT. 

Hunters missing the handgun-chambered Model 1894s can rest easy, too. Those wood and steel gems are slated to begin shipping shortly after the 336s. Retail pricing was not available at the show. 

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Bond Arms Lever Action


Bond Arms Lever-Action Rifle
The Bond Arms Cyclops is probably the most interesting lever gun on our list. (Photo: Chris Eger/

The company known for its hulky stainless-steel derringers took the entire trade show by surprise with a prototype lever action on display. Though we haven’t seen an official name – other than “Bond Arms Lever-Action” as it’s listed on the company’s website – the all-black rifle is not short on innovation. In fact, the tactical-style lever gun essentially mates an AR-15 upper with a crazy lever-driven lower. Diving deeper, it takes Remington 870-pattern furniture as it doesn't have a buffer tube to worry about. 

At the time of SHOT Show, calibers included 5.56 NATO, .300 Blackout, and 9mm. Word of a .450 Bushmaster has been leaked, but not confirmed, though it does appear on the Bond website. The platform should make it convertible to multiple calibers. The magazine-fed rifle claims a short lever throw and smooth action, which we look forward to testing. Estimated retail pricing is set at $1,499, though that could change as the guns move from concept to full production, expected by late 2023. 

Update: The Bond Arms LVRB is expected to come out the Q1 2024.

Henry .360 Buckhammer


Henry .360 Buckhammer Lever Actions
The new Henry/Remington collab had us smiling for future reviews. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

The new .360 Buckhammer (BHMR) round was officially launched at SHOT Show 2023 by Remington ammunition in partnership with Henry Repeating Arms. The straight-wall round was created especially for lever guns. With the .350 Legend’s recent success, the only thing missing was a round tailored for lever actions. 

Remington claims that energy, velocity, and ballistic drops are the most similar to a .30-30 Winchester, with certain comparisons to the old classic thumping .35 Remington. Unlike the latter, the .360 BHMR will be legal in all the states with straight-wall restrictions while using similar projectiles in weights like 180 and 200 grains. Because of the new round’s overall case length, it will be allowable in areas where longer straight walls, like the .45-70 Gov’t, sadly are not. 

Henry will be adding the Buckhammer to many of its existing lever-gun lines, including the Steel and X-Model. The new round will also be available on the company’s break-action single-shot rifles. MSRP varies by model but should be commensurate with existing pricing. 

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